Loving lad hit by uninsured driver saves 3 lives after he’s robbed of his own

A boy who was killed by a car while riding his bike home has saved three lives through organ donation. Cole Roper, 12, was cycling in the road when he was hit by an uninsured driver. The schoolboy, who died later in hospital, had previously talked with his mum Helen about being a donor. She […]


Early morning train catches fire sending black smoke into sky

A huge fire has been sparked on a freight train on a line out of London into Kent. An enormous column of thick black smoke could be seen pluming into the sky after the train caught ablaze between Sevenoaks and Kent this morning. The fire shut down the Southeastern rail route between Sevenoaks and Orpington, […]


England’s treatment of Jonny Bairstow has continued his cycle of pain and joy

One summer, when he was 16 years old, carefree and on the very verge of life itself, Jonny Bairstow and a few of his friends went on a surfing holiday to Cornwall. One evening, he tells us in his autobiography, A Clear Blue Sky, they were sitting blissfully on the beach in Newquay when someone […]


It’s not just doorways that make us forget what we came for in the next room

Imagine you’re in the middle of watching a riveting episode of your favorite TV show. You decide the situation calls for popcorn, so you get up and head to the kitchen. But when you arrive in the kitchen you suddenly stop and think to yourself: “Why did I come in here?” Perplexed, you walk back […]


Big homes in these warm weather cities are heating up the real estate market

With more Americans looking for more space, homes that encompass 4,000 square feet or more were selling faster in more than 70% of the country’s 150 biggest cities and surrounding suburbs last month, as compared to the same time period last year, according to data from In Miami, the medium list price for homes […]


Last 3 schoolkids on Nokdo beach trace South Korea’s arc to demographic crisis

At 10 years old, Lyoo Chan-hee wishes he wasn’t one of the last three schoolkids left playing on the beaches of Nokdo island. “It would be great if I have more friends here because I can have more options to play,” said Chan-hee. Instead, he often plays with Kim Si-young – aged 66, and one […]


Ground rules for England to follow as Joe Root rebuilds his Test team

This weekend England’s cricketers, on tour far away, completed a whitewash. But you may have missed it, because England’s other cricketers had just gone down to a heavy defeat. A resounding success for the women in New Zealand couldn’t compete with another shocker from the men in India. There are some sports-loving nations where people […]


Switching off the ‘survival protein’ for cancer cells

Proteins control almost all vital processes in our cells. If they do not function correctly, if there is too much or too little of them, this can lead to the development of a variety of diseases including cancer. The associated proteins are therefore also important targets for drug discovery in biomedical research. However, there are […]


Yellen projects full employment in 2022, interest rates to remain low

President Biden signed the $1.9 trillion bill last week, putting into motion a number of extensions to existing programs as well as a fresh round of stimulus checks. Despite concerns about the ballooning $28 trillion national debt, Yellen praised the massive bill, saying it will provide relief to people who need it, particularly the unemployed. […]


Microsoft to reportedly broadcast big Bethesda briefing

Microsoft will reportedly hold a video presentation this Thursday, 11th March, to detail how Bethesda and its parent company ZeniMax will be folded into its portfolio of Xbox studios. That’s according to a Venturebeat report, which states Microsoft will soon confirm the event publicly. The event is not described as a games showcase – so […]